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23rd Annual RISO International Handmade Printed Works Competition
1999 Winners Prints
RISO Educational Foundation Winner
RISO Educational Foundation Winner
Gold & Special Prize
Gold Prize - Brigid Burke
Gold Prize
Gold Prize - Werner Van Ser Bank
Silver Prize
Silver Prize - Frank J. Lewis Silver Prize - Gina Godfrey

International Winners List

Congratulations to all the winners of this years competitions. Remember to keep a sample of each of your prints aside for this years competition!
Gold & Special Prize - Brigid Burke-Rigo (A fragile skeleton of a fish) - To view click here . .
Silver Prize - Frank J. Lewis (Still life without fruit) - To view click here . .
Fine Work - Cathleen Hulme (I am out of my depth without you)
Silver Prize - Gina Godfrey (Lavender poppies in the breeze) -   To view click here . .
South Africa
Gold Prize - Werner Van Ser Bank (Giza pyramids) -  To view click here . .
Bronze Prize - Amanda Ferreira (Woman of Nambia)
Fine Work - Kaila Ferreire (Drawn from own image in mirror)
Fine Work - D.C. Van Reener (Unica school)

Japanese Winners

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