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SODA Australia

From simple beginning with a PRINT GOCCO B6 system and Stamp Kit for Cloth, Elyse operated with an SP-180 system [Previous model to SP-275] and supplies her hand made & printed garments to clothing shops and David Jones stores around Australia.

Elyse Wilson began decorating pillow cases, blankets, and other small items created at home, however following the birth of her first child, Elyse progressed into making, and decorating, her daughters pyjamas.

This sparked the beginning of her small business which has developed into a small manufacturing business, now set for rapid expansion & growth.

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Why use the RISO system?

The RISO systems enables Elyse to keep overhead costs and capital equipment to a minimum, whilst keeping the process of screen making to its simplest form. Screen printing the garments is only one small step in manufacture, so expensive & bulky equipment is not wanted. The added benefit of using a fast, chemical free system enables Elyse to make screens and print around her children without fear to their health.

The ability to change designs, match current trends and produce small sample garments, such as those pictured above, is a benefit the RISO system offers small business.

An A5 screen costs less to produce than the artwork charge from a professional printer (generally a minimum of $10), so the obvious cost saving is a large benefit to a small business getting off the ground!

How the Garments are printed

Up until July '99 each design was printed using a small A5 (120 x 180mm) screen with two colour prints, such as all those shown above, registered by eye!!!

With demand ever increasing a larger printing screen was required to print entire panels in one operation. Fortunately the size range is for children (00 - 14) with screen sizes approx 600mm x 450mm.

Using a professional 4 arm screen printing jig the panels are now printed with both colours (2 separate screens) in the one operation, which greatly reduces the time taken to print all garments.

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