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Important Note

This products has been discontinued and is no longer available for supply. Stamp Inks remain available.

Hand Stamper and Stamp Kit for Cloth

The Stamp Kit for Cloth is a complete package containing the Hand Stamper unit and Stamp Inks.


Step 1

Create your Print Masters in a PG-11, B6, MG-11 or RISO ScreenFax

Step 2

Place your fabric, T-Shirt, tablecloth, napkin, pillowcase, etc onto an Adhesive Board

Step 3

Ink up the B6 Print Master with Stamp Ink for cloth - 7 colours available from a tube or mix your own 

Step 4

Print YOUR design onto your material

Step 5

As with all fabric printing, finish by heat setting the design to make it permanent

Note: Stamp inks are water based inks, unlike the normal HM Paper Inks which are oil based, and can be cleaned using water. Use caution NOT to wet the cardboard frame of the Print Master or this will damage the master.
You can brush on a waterbased sealer to the cardboard first to protect the Print master against water wash-up.

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