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Fundraising using screen printing
FAQ: A3 Thermal Screen Maker
Mounting ScreenMaster
Thermal carrier instructions
S-868 operation guide
Screen printing opaque fabric inks
Using photo's as artwork
ScreenFax pad replacement
Screen printing jig assembly
Printing plastics with PRINT GOCCO
How to: Registering multiple colours using a jig
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Training & Support

As a world leader in the development and introduction of many printing applications, it's our mission to provide you with all the information and helpful guides you need to get the results you expect from your equipment.

Support is divided into:
Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] section - common questions answered
Information Sheets - how to training guides and information
Product Sheets - specific information on an individual item
Projects sheets - Technical sheets on how to make an item

We are here to help you. If you can't find information on a topic/ item please use the feedback form to contact us and request the information - one of our helpful team will write to your personally and solve your problem.

Information Sheets

No. Leaflet


 Information Sheet Description
1 IS01 Printable Leaflet [pdf format] Artwork Types & Preparation [+ Artwork Clean-Up Procedure]
2 IS02 Printable Leaflet [pdf format]   How to clean & Store PRINT GOCCO Print Masters
3   Imaging Print Masters with PG-5
4   How to Image and Create Screens with SP-275 ScreenFax
5 IS05 Printable Leaflet [pdf format]   Imaging ScreenMaster with Print Lamps
6 IS06 Printable Leaflet [pdf format] Mounting ScreenMaster to a Frame
7 IS07 Printable Leaflet [pdf format]   Ceramic Printing & Decoration
8 IS08 Printable Leaflet [pdf format]  

'Off Contact' Printing - Plastic's and Metals

9 IS09 Printable Leaflet [pdf format]   Screen Printing Jig Assembly [Single & 4 Arm]
10 IS10 Printable Leaflet [pdf format]   Using Photographs as Artwork
11 IS11 Printable Leaflet [pdf format]   Replacing a ScreenFax Pad
12 IS12 Printable Leaflet [pdf format]   Colour Separating designs by hand
13 IS13 Printable Leaflet [pdf format]   Colour Separating designs using a computer
14   Imaging PRINT GOCCO Print Masters with PG-11
15     Imaging PRINT GOCCO Print Masters with B6
16     Imaging PRINT GOCCO Print Masters with PG Arts and B5 systems
17     Imaging B6 Print Masters with MG-11
18     Printing Compact Disks with PRINT GOCCO
19     Glass Etching with RISO & PRINT GOCCO systems
20   Inking Techniques for PRINT GOCCO Print Masters
21     Screen Printing onto Clay
22     Fundraising with Screen Printing


    Fundraising with PRINT GOCCO
23     Printing Parchment Craft [Pergamano™] with PRINT GOCCO
24     Printing and Using Shrink Plastic with PRINT GOCCO
25 IS25 Printable Leaflet [pdf format] Screen Printing Technique
26 IS26 Printable Leaflet [pdf format]   Imaging RISO ScreenMaster with Thermal Copiers

PG-11 Video Instructions - NTSC Japanese Format


Creating CMYK separations with PhotoShop

29     Decal Printing
30 IS30 Printable Leaflet [pdf format]   Registering single colours using a jig
31 IS31 Printable Leaflet [pdf format] Registering multiple colours using a 4 arm jig
32 IS32 Printable Leaflet [pdf format]   Printing Plastics with PRINT GOCCO B6 & B5 Print Masters
33     PCB's - Printed Circuit Boards [Advanced Application]
34 IS34 Printable Leaflet [pdf format]   Screen Printing Opaque Fabric Inks
35 IS35 Printable Leaflet [pdf format]   S-868 Operation Guide
36 IS36 Printable Leaflet [pdf format]   Thermal Carrier Instructions [New CS04]
37     Under Construction: Using XL T-Shirt Converter
38     Under Construction: MG-11 Wooden Pad Table
39     Testing the SP-275 Trigger Switch
40 IS40 Printable Leaflet [pdf format] IS40 - Online video demontration Imaging ScreenMaster using NEHOC A3 Thermal Screen Maker
41     Under Construction: Imaging Tattoo Spirit Masters with A3 Screen maker


NEHOC have a wide range of Frequently Asked Questions on many topics - please choose from the drop down box below:

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Wedding Stationery with PRINT GOCCO
It has never been so easy to create your own stationery for the big event. Follow the simple instructions, step by step from creating the Invitations right through to sending the Thank You's.

A PRINT GOCCO can do it all, or just enhance ideas you already have - more . .

Product Sheets

S-112   Stamp Kit for Cloth
S-138   PG 65 Photo Dot Screen
S-150   Ink Blocking Sheets
S-244   PG Felt Sheets
S-258   Print & Embossing powders
S-307   Graphic Designs for PRINT GOCCO
S-521   RISO ScreenMaster A4 Sheets
S-711   ABC PRINT GOCCO manual by June Fox
TU-2514  ScreenFax Pad Replacement

Project Sheets

  1. Design & create your own wrapping paper

  2. Print Items for babies

  3. Create and print a Patchwork Bag

  4. Create and print a Pot Holder

  5. Create and print Placemats

  6. Create and print Window and Cafe Style Curtains

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