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Important Note

This products has been discontinued and is no longer available for supply.

PG Felt Sheets (S-244)How to use PG Felt Sheets

Simple and easy to use, Felt Sheets add another dimension to your prints with a unique soft felt feel.


Print you PRINT GOCCO print as per normal

Step 1 - Apply Powder

Sprinkle the fixing powder over the areas to be felted, while the ink is wet [within approx. 5 minutes after printing]
Step 2 - removing excess powder Remove excess fixing powder by placing the card over a piece of paper/ tray and tapping/ flicking the back of the card. Don't tap too hard so that the fixing powder falls off the inked areas.

Step 3 - Heating the powder

Apply the iron to the back of the print at a medium temperature [130C - 150C] for wool & cotton]. Heat until the fixing powder melts and turns transparent.


Place the desired colour of felt over the design area, ensuring all the melted fixing powder is covered by the felt sheet

Step 5 - fixing the felt to the design

Press hard with the iron [at medium temperature] for 60 to 90 seconds by placing the print and felt sheet on an ironing board or a folded towel, and press. Heat the areas evenly and do not slide the iron as in ironing laundry: the felt sheet may slip out of place.

Step 6 - Removing excess felt

When the felt sheet is cool [about 1 minute after ironing], peel it off with care.

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