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Important Note

This products has been discontinued and is no longer available for supply.

How to use Print/ Embossing Powders

Simple and easy to use, Print Powder will give your print a raised feel and enhance the design - Highly popular with wedding stationery and business cards.

How easy it is to use Print Powder!

  1. Applying PowderEmpty the Print Powder into a tray/ container [you can also sprinkle directly onto the print but this wastes more powder]

  2. Produce a PRINT GOCCO print as normal and 'dip' the print into the container so as a small amount of powder is scooped onto the surface of the paper/card.

  3. Move the paper/card so that the powder slides, covering the printed area.

  4. Tilt the paper/card so excess powder returns to the container.

  5. Covering the designFlick the BACK of the paper/card to remove any excess powder

  6. Heat the design to raise the powder and seal print.

How to heat the Print Powder

A high temperature is required to melt the Print Powder - around 140 degrees. You can use . .

NO HAIR DRIERS USEDDO NOT use a Hair Dryer to raise the powder.
The powder is blown off the print & not enough heat is produced.


IMPORTANT: No matter what method you use - take care not to brown paper through over raising/ excessive heat.

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