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PG-11 Fine Art Print Example

A graphical display or how a single piece of artwork can be transformed into a Fine Art piece.

Note: Due to the background print [print 1] using a water colour ink, scanning and compressions have altered the appearance of some prints and may appear very 'watery'. Our apologies, however this is the best result available for viewing on the Internet.

Print 1



Print 1
Background printed in S-5104 'Camel' Brown water colour




Print 2 Print 2 - Printed in S-473 Fluro Purple, S-412 Pearl Red & S-5105 Lemon Yellow mixed with S-498 White
When you print your second print [print 2] over your original [print 1] this is the result, pictured right. Print 1+2
Print 3 Print 3 - Printed in S-496 Brown, S-412 Pearl Red & S-413 Pearl Green
When you print the third print [print 3] over the already combined prints 1 & 2 you begin to piece together your final result, pictured right. Print 1+2+3
Print 4 Print 4 - Printed in S-492 Black, S-411 Pearl Blue & S-496 Brown mixed with S-492 Black


Printing the fourth and final print [print 4] over the already combined prints of 1,2 & 3 you have finished the print and achieve your final result, pictured right. Print 1+2+3+4

This is just another simple example of how a design can be transformed into a printed masterpiece - with PRINT GOCCO it's simple, low cost and fun!

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