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Shin Kohanga Art with PRINT GOCCO

Shin Kohanga is an art form based upon the ancient Japanese art of woodblock printing. A design is broken down into multiple layers and over printed, producing stunning fine art style prints.

We hope you will be inspired by some of these truly magnificent examples of PRINT GOCCO printing, graphically displaying the potential of the system as a medium for art reproduction. The postcard size designs have been thumb nailed to speed up the viewing process - we hope you will visit all the artists, especially Hiroko Mishiro.

Aki Toda-san pictures Aki Toda - 10 designs
Hiroko Mishiro - 19 designs
Syunichi Hirata - 10 designs
Yoshio Kohari - 5 designs
Chihiro Sano - 6 designs
Taisei Sekihara - 13 designs
Junsuke Watarai - 6 designs
Tone Morimoto - 8 designs

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