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Printing Assistance Request Form

Complete the form advising as much detail as possible. Your request will be e-mailed directly to our product support staff who will respond same day where ever possible.

If your request is urgent - please phone/ fax NEHOC immediately to discuss your situation as reply by e-mail may take up to 24 hours.

Contact Details
Please ensure all details are completed so we may assist you - including country.





Daytime Phone Number (optional) -
Do you currently own any RISO equipment?

YES - Please advise system

Please indicate the type of printing you require?
Printing onto paper or cardboard substrate (Press Printing)
Screen printing onto fabric/ material
Screen printing onto plastic or metal surface
Other -

What is the size of the design you wish to print - (W)mm x (H)mm?   

What is the size of the item you wish to print - (W)mm x (H)mm?       

Can you provide a sample design and item if required?

Please describe item where possible (ie material/construction):

Please advise below any professional equipment currently owned, which you intend to use when printing the above item i.e. screen printing jig, heat tunnel, etc.

Quantity of item's you wish to print -

What is the most important factor influencing your decision to acquire a system?

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Your request will be forwarded to our technical support staff who endeavor to reply to your request same day, however please allow up to 48 hours for reply before resubmitting an additional request. If your request is complex you will receive an e-mail advising receipt and that it's been forwarded to a products expert in the required field of support.

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