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Parchment Craft [Pergamano™]

When you want to create a series of cards, don't use the time consuming process of tracing your designs - Use your PRINT GOCCO to place your outline/ design onto the parchment paper.

You can also put a message/ greeting onto the card at the same time, as the sample below show. The GOCCO is used to print the outlines and marking for the parchment craft which is then embossed/ cut out using the required tooling.

Click on the pictures below to view samples of Parchment and PRINT GOCCO.

Parchment Sample Parchment Sample  Samples printed by Annette Long

NB: NEHOC do not provide details on the process of embossing/ punching parchment craft, only how PRINT GOCCO can be used to print outlines and greetings. Simply visit a search engine and type the required wording to find a suitable site for lessons on parchment craft.

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