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Printing Ceramic Decals

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Cleaning squeegee with thinners

'I just have a question : if I would print decals [with an ink made from medium and ceramic stains] that are only cleanable with thinner [chemical], can I also clean  the squeegee with that product ?  Those inks are not waterbased [I know the screen are one-time only then], but what about the squeegee ?

The long life blade on the squeegee is perfectly able to handle solvents and even weak acids.
This is fine to clean by simply wiping with a cloth damp with sprit cleaner.
You are right in that the screens will not handle the solvents to clean as they break down the glue that bonds them together, but, if you wipe all the ink off the blade and perform several 'dry prints' with no ink on the squeegee it will push the ink onto the paper below and clean the screen pretty well.
This is often enough to clean the screen - without spirits - so you can actually keep and reuse the screen.
It will still have an ink dye mark on it but this dries and has no ill effect on the screen - this way you may be able to keep the screen even using these inks.

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