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Frequently Asked Questions

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Screen printing [general]


A3 Thermal Screen Maker [code: TSMA3 & TTMA3]
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Ink Blocking sheets [code: S-150]
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Thermal Copiers [i.e. VistaFax, 3m, Fordifax]
PRINT GOCCO PG-11 [code: S-425 & S-5328]
SP-275 ScreenFax [code: S-7073]
RISO ScreenMaster Mesh
Screen Printing Inks
Screen Printing Jigs
Squeegees [code: S-511, S-517, S-540 & S-545]

Last FAQ added:
My prints are fading with each subsequent print and after about 5 or 6, over a period of only about 5 minutes, I'm having to wash the screen and let it dry before I can start again.
What's happening is that all the ink is not leaving the screen after you have printed, so it starts to dry and subsequently your prints get fainter and fainter.
Easily fixed by following the information on  Information Sheet #34
The main point for you is to elevate your screen slightly and maker sure the screen is clear of ink - perform a clearing print after every 2-3 prints.
You can thin the ink down by either:
1. Adding a few DROPS of water and giving it a good stir - this will re-hydrate the ink
2. Adding Retarder to the ink - this will chemically extend the dying time and workability of the ink.
The Retarder is the better option, as it will pretty much stop the ink drying, however the downside is that the prints can take 20-30 minutes to dry, so you cant heat set until the next day.
Elevate the screen ever so slightly so that is does not stick to the fabric underneath - use Table Adhesive under the material to hold it still - and after printing look at the screen to make sure it's clear of ink - if not then with the squeegee at almost vertical print again.
This wont put ink through but will push the ink out of the screen onto the fabric and keep the design clear.

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