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Printing Wood
What system is best?
Should I screen print or Stamp Print?

'I want to print onto wood and have looked through the site but am still confused as to what system is best. Also what is the difference between screen printing or Stamp Print my designs - which is best?'
The best system to start with is the NEHOC Screen Printing Kit, as this contains the imaging system and all the basic screen printing supplies.
This will enable you to screen print onto wood and also image screens for stamp printing wood.

In addition to screen printing, there is another printing method you can use onto the wood which will provide higher quality results.
This method used the finer grade 'B6 Print Masters' combined with the PRINT GOCCO HM Paper Inks and a Hand Stamper.

Instead of screen printing the design onto the wood with a squeegee, you would stamp the design [like a large self inking rubber stamp].
The benefit of the Hand Stamp over the screen printing method is:
1. You can use multiple colours on the one screen/ design
2. You will print about 100-150 per inking
3. The quality is slightly better than screen printing [which uses a coarser 70 grade mesh]

The NEHOC Screen Printing Kit will image both screen printing and B6 Print Masters, however the NEHOC Screen Printing Kit does not come equipped with the B6 Print Masters [code: S-489], HM Paper Inks or the Hand Stamp [code: S-113]

For details/ instructions either view the online information on how to image screens using the machine or download the entire PG-5 Operation manual( which covers both screen printing and the Stamp Printing)
Online: Imaging B6 Print Masters with NEHOC Screen Printing Kit -
Online: Imaging Screen Printing screens with NEHOC Screen Printing Kit -
Download -

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