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FAQ - Table Adhesive
What does Table Adhesive do?
How do I use Table Adhesive?
When do I reapply?
What if I put on too much?

'What does Table Adhesive do?'

Adhesive boards stop the fabrics from moving when you are printing which eliminated blurring/ smudging and also helps to hold down any creases or wrinkles.

'How do I use Table Adhesive?'

You only require a small amount of the Table Adhesive over a large area.
Say for the size 30cm x 30cm use 3-4 DROPS of the Table Adhesive and then spread this with a piece of card (an old squeegee is best).

Allow a minute to dry/ settle so you don't get marks on your fabric.

'When do I reapply Table Adhesive?'

If depends upon the type of fabric you are printing as to the number of prints you will get before you need to reapply. If you use a fabric with lots of small fibers (flannelette) then they will come off more than say a quality cotton.

When it starts to loose its adhesiveness then just add another drop of two of Table Adhesive to the area effected. Normally you won't have to redo the entire area again as it is mostly the area under where you are printing that is effected.

'What if I put on too much?'

If too much is applied then:

  1. You can clean with water and a rag but it gets a little messy, as the Table Adhesive is a glue!
  2. Using a cloth with loose fibers, pat over the effected area so some of the fibers come off and stick to the glue. This is a slower method but much cleaner.

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