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This FAQ sheet applies to product's: Long Life Professional Squeegees - sizes 110mm, 170mm 240mm & 450mm
How do you recommend cleaning squeegee's?

How do you recommend cleaning squeegee's? We get quite a lot of ink on them while we're working, mainly from our hands!

The best way to clean a squeegee is to simply wipe the ink off the blade and handle using paper towel, or scrap paper, then place aside to let the squeegee dry.
There is no need to wash them with water or any liquid cleaners.
Wiping them will get almost all the wet ink off the handle and blade.
Then after the ink is dry it will peel straight off the blade.
If the ink build up is too heavy on the wood then you can scrape/ peel it off, but if you wipe it off with paper after use this wont be a problem.
Ink colour on the squeegee doesn't matter - they are never going to be kept perfectly clean.

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