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A3 Thermal Screen Maker
My machine squeaks - why & how do  fix it.
Why does my carrier bend/ stick/ come apart after a few passes?

'My machine squeaks - why? how do I fix it?'
When the machine is packed a protective rubber strip is inserted against between the Glass Roller and the 4 Guide Bearings.
Pressure from the Glass Roller in transport, or when the rubber is removed and the Glass does not fall correctly into the bearing, removes the lubricant on the pin.
The squeaking noise is the friction between the Guide Bearing and the metal pin it sits on, as the bearing is rotated by the Glass Roller.
There are 4 guides in total - 2 on each side of the Glass at the front of the machine.
Spray the Guide with WD40 or RP7 lubricant - there is no need to undo the cover screw holding the Guide to the pin.
After spraying be sure to hold the feed button down to rotate the Glass Roller for about 30 seconds and clean off any overspray from the glass with rubbing alcohol [i.e. Isocol brand].

Why does my Thermal Carrier become loose and buckle over after it's been through the machines a few times? The cover seems to go slower than the backing sheet and buckles over & sticks?
The machine gives out a high heat that makes the teflon 'softer' and more flexible after a few passes. This is an important design of the carrier so a the imaging process is not effected. Other types of plastics can 'frost' with heat and actually distort the heat and effect imaging.
This carrier softness can cause the teflon cover to grip less on the glass roller than that of the backing cover sheet passing against the rubber roller. The effect is the cover sheet bends/ buckles over as the carrier comes out the back of the machine.
As part of operating the machine you should support the carrier as it comes out.
When feeding the carrier through the machine, keep pushing into the machine until after the head grabs and comes out the back of the machine. When the head is clear hold the head and pull/ support it through.
By supporting the carrier you help retain the original stiffness and eliminate this problem.

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