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Fundraising with PRINT GOCCO

A variety of fundraising applications are available, dependant upon the level of student involvement you desire i.e. from a parent operated project [screen printing] to a class run exercise [cards].

These projects are designed for implementation into a school or after school care class, providing a maximum return from the minimal outlay for the PRINT GOCCO Kit.

All equipment [Print Masters, Print Lamps, Ink & Instructions] except card/ paper, are included in the initial kit, so once you have the system you are ready to begin printing immediately.

Example of fundraising project

Fundraising ProjectsAim: Create a set of cards designed on a certain topic i.e. Christmas, that are designed, printed and sold by students.

Equipment required: PRINT GOCCO Kit [including Masters/ Lamps & Ink], paper/ card stock for final printing.

Estimated return to school: Selling 250 sets of cards for as little as $5 per pack will return $1250. Less cost of equipment [Kit & Paper], net return should be at least $1000. Of course the more set's created the higher the profit, with up to 1000 sets attainable from each kit!

NB: If the school already has a PRINT GOCCO then the net return should be at least $1,150.

Whilst this is a simple lesson guide, the process can be modified according upon the age/ skill level of the students. Some tasks can be performed by a parent or teacher only ie printing if the age/ skill level is too low.

Plan of Action -

  1. Each student is to draw a design related to the topic you wish to print ie What Christmas means.

  1. All designs are judged by the students [or teachers] and the best 5 designs are selected to be re-produced. This promotes self-esteem and encourages students.

  2. Each design is made into a PRINT GOCCO Print Master - see imaging in B6 - and then printed onto the Card stock/ Paper. Additional colours can be used at this stage.

  3. Once all 5 designs are printed, one each of the designs are assembled into a pack and sold to raise funds.

This process can be used at Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Birthdays & importantly Christmas.

The PRINT GOCCO can also be used for -

Art Projects

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Fabric Printing

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