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Imaging PRINT GOCCO Print Masters with B6

Firstly, you must have your artwork prepared ready for imaging - see Artwork Types & Preparation if unsure - this being a carbon original free of moisture.

  1. Open B6 lid, and place a piece of card onto the Pad Table [ensure plastic protector is removed from Pad Table].

  2. Place artwork onto the Pad Table in a position ready for imaging.

  3. Insert B6 HM Print Master into the Stage Glass with the plastic flap of the Master facing the stage glass [smooth side facing you]. Insert the bottom edge first, that with the arrow pointing downwards.

Insert Blue Filter if required between the Print Master and Stage Glass at this time

  1. Inserting B6 Print MasterPlace the top of the Print Master into the Stage Glass by gently bending the Print Master - use caution not to over bend and crease the cardboard frame - the  Print Master has been designed with enough flexibility for creasing not to occur.

  2. Lower the lid of the B6 and view that your artwork is within the frame area - It is best to allow 5mm around each edge. If the artwork has moved or is not inside the frame area, lift the lid and re-position.

  3. Insert Print Lamps into Lamp Housing.

  4. Insert Lamp Housing into B6 lid by sliding in the back first [aligning the arrows] and then lowering the front [The front being the side with the two metal tags]

  5. Place the palms of your hand on the two front corners and push down until the machine flashes - HOLD THE UNIT DOWN FOR 4-5 SECONDS or until the lamps stop cracking. This allows the heat to correctly image the design.

  6. Lift the handles back to a resting position and remove the Lamp Housing - CAUTION the Print Lamps will be hot. Place the Lamp Housing face up so excess heat can freely escape - if you have gloves, or tough skin, you can remove the Print Lamps from the Lamp Housing at this stage.

  7. Lift the lid of the B6 and remove the Print Master - you are now ready to ink your design.

It's that simple and easy to make a Print Master - Just ensure that your artwork is prepared and free of moisture for the best result every time.

For a great online tutorial created buy a 1st time GOCCO B6 user see -

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