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Thermal Carrier Instructions

The new CS04 carrier uses a high grade teflon cover sheet, providing cleaner imaging and longer operational life, which is sensitive to static and will attract dust.
To improve screen results:
Clean top and bottom of cover with a lint free cloth before each use
Return to protective cover immediately after use


Do NOT leave Thermal Carrier:
Open/ exposed for long periods of time
Stored outside the protective cover

On this page:
Storage & Cleaning
Repairs and replacements


In this example we use the VistaFax 1UF Model.

Step 1
Artwork can be hand drawn, photocopied or a computer laser print - as long as it’s carbon based it will work.

For details on artwork types - click here . .

Lift the cover and place your artwork 'face up' inside the carrier.

Step 2
Cut your ScreenMaster to size and insert this into the carrier, over your artwork, with the film side [smooth] down against your artwork. Turn the machine on and feed the carrier into the front of the machine, it will ‘grab’ the carrier and feed it through out the back. Remove your imaged screen from the carrier and remove the artwork from the back of your imaged screen.
Step 3
Turn the machine on to the required setting [5 is normally used for photocopies/ laser prints] and feed the carrier into the front of the machine.
Step 4
The machine will ‘grab’ the carrier and pull it through, turning the heat element on as it passes through and push the carrier out the back of the machine. Remove your imaged screen from the carrier and remove the artwork from the back of your imaged screen.
Step 5
Support the carrier as it comes out the back of the machine.

Do not pull it out/ through the machine, just support it's weight as it comes through.

Step 6
Lift the cover and remove your imaged screen from the carrier.

As pictured left, the screen has now been imaged. Check a corner to see the screen has been imaged correctly [you may need to adjust your setting if required].


With your screen now imaged you are ready to mount your screen to a frame and commence printing.

Storage & Cleaning
Always clean the top and bottom of the teflon cover with a lint free cloth before use
Return the carrier to the protective envelope immediately after use
Do not leave the carrier open for long periods of time as this will attract dust and further cleaning will be required

Repairs and Replacements

Thermal Carriers are exposed to difficult working conditions and may deteriorate quickly if not properly maintained and cared for. The high quality teflon cover should outlast both the backing sheet and joining tape.

The new carrier has been constructed for fast & easy onsite repair at low cost, rather than replacing the entire unit.

Spare Parts
The CS04 is now supplied with a spare backing sheet for FREE - additional sheets are available if required.
Thermal Joining tape is Stylus . This is supplied in a 50M roll - smaller rolls/ quantities are available from NEHOC if required to repair Thermal Carriers.
Teflon Cover Sheet is not available separately. A complete new carrier will be required.
Replacement Guide
Most repairs are required due to a jam in the machine resulting in the thermal joining tape melting. When any repair is required, separate the 3 parts of the carrier - Cover, Tape & Backing.

New thermal joining tape is required for ALL repairs

  1. Roll joining tape across a flat surface to a length of 25cm.

  2. Place teflon cover over backing sheet and align the top edges

  3. With cover and backing aligned, place the top edge halfway up the tape to attach the backing sheet to the tape - press firmly downwards to attach the tape

  4. Fold the top of the exposed tape over the top of the teflon cover to join the pieces

  5. Rub tape firmly against teflon cover, turn over and rub firmly against backing sheet.

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