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Imaging RISO ScreenMaster using a NEHOC A3 Thermal Screen Maker

NEHOC A3 Thermal Screen MakerA set heat is produced using an IR heat element to image the screen. The ‘intensity’is adjusted by use of speed, rather than adjusting the actual heat itself. To increase the heat the speed is slowed and vice versa to lighten the heat.

In order to keep the RISO ScreenMaster original artwork together, it is necessary to utilise a carrier to facilitate passage of the materials through the machine.

NEHOC supply a high grade carrier, in A4 and A3 size, which uses a high temp. joining tape and FEP100 Teflon Cover Sheet to provide high resolution imaging.

Open carrier and insert artwork face upStep 1
Artwork can be hand drawn, photocopied or a computer laser print - as long as it’s carbon based it will work.

For details on artwork types - click here . .

The best form of artwork preparation is to place the artwork against a piece of Artwork Clean-Up Paper, insert into the carrier and pass through the machine at a setting of 5.
- This will eliminate moisture and excess carbon form the design, avoiding the #1 problem associated with imaging a screen.
Lay ScreenMaster smooth side down over artworkStep 2
Lift the clear cover of the carrier and place your artwork 'face up' inside the carrier.

With your ScreenMaster cut to size, place over your artwork with the film side [smooth] down against your artwork.

Turn machine on and set correct speed, inser the carrierStep 3
Turn the machine on and set to the to the required setting [5 is normally used for photocopies/ laser prints] and feed the carrier into the front of the machine in a continuous motion.
Feed carrier in with 1 motion - don't stop or pauseStep 4
The carrier will be passed through the machine and fed out the back of the machine.
- Do not stop feeding when the light from the heat is visible
- The machine will ‘grab’ the carrier and pull it through.
Support the carrier as it comes through the machine out the backStep 5
Support the carrier as it comes out the back of the machine.

Do not pull it through the machine, just support it's weight as it comes out the back.

Lift cover and remove imged screen. Peel a corner to check if screen is imaged.Step 6
Lift the cover and remove your imaged screen from the carrier.

As pictured left, the screen has now been imaged. Check a corner to see the screen has been imaged correctly [you may need to adjust your setting if required].


With your screen now imaged you are ready to mount your screen to a frame and commence printing.

Details on Mounting Frames to a screen - click here . .
Details on Screen Printing technique - click here . .
Watch video on mounting the screen & printing - click here . .

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