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Screen Printing Jigs
Following questions refer to use of Single Arm [SPJ-SK] & 4 Arm [SPJ-4SK] Screen Printing Jigs:
Do I have to wait for the ink to dry between prints?
Do I need to print a white background on colours . . .
When should I use Table Adhesive?
What do I do when ink comes through the shirt . . .
When should I clean the jig?
The arms do not fit tight in the tracks . . .
Can I re-tighten the jig?
Can I mount rubber feet?

Q) Do I have to wait for the ink to dry between prints?
A) Applying Screen Masking Tape [T36] to the back of the screen helps stop any wet ink sticking and generally removes the need to dry ink between prints.

On some materials, yes, you may need to give a quick blast with a hair drier or heat gun to touch dry the ink [you are not heat setting at this stage - just touch drying] - this generally occurs with opaque inks onto fabrics with a high polyester content as the ink does not absorb/ dry as quick.


Q) Do I need to print a white background on coloured fabrics when using a jig - if so do I use the same screen or make a new one?
A) No you don't need a white background, use the opaque fabric inks. Opaque inks have 4 times the colour concentrate as standard inks and will eliminate the transparent look standard inks give on dark fabrics.

Only 1 screen is required and print in the colour you would like.


Q) When should I use Table Adhesive?
A) Where ever possible when using a jig, as Table Adhesive [HTAH165] holds the t-shirt, material/ item flat and will eliminate movement/ blurring when printing or lifting the screen.

When you print paper and similar items you can not use Table Adhesive as this is too strong and will damage the item.


Q) What do I do when the ink comes through the shirt onto the board in the jig?
A) This should not occur during normal printing. Some slight colour is OK, but you should not be left with any wet ink on the board after you remove the item. If this occurs there are 2 things that may be going wrong:
1. The fabric you are using is poor quality and too absorbent so the ink is just bleeding straight through. The quality of print is going to be lower as any design you print is going to bleed.
2. The normal cause is you are either pressing too hard or going across the screen too many times - there's too much ink flowing through the design. You will need to adjust your technique to reduce pressure and reduce the number of passes when printing. See Screen Printing Technique - click here . .
Q) When should I clean the jig?
A) It is essential to clean the board if a build up of lint/ adhesive, creating a rough surface, occurs.

General ink marks etc. are not detrimental to the operation and are just appearance only.


Q) The arms do not fit tight in the tracks, is this a problem and will the jig move?
A) The arms should not be an ultra tight fit in the tracks or any humidity/ swelling of the wood will render them useless. The jig is designed with some movement in the arm slots.

When the knob on the arm of the jig is tightened, all movement will cease.


Q) Can I re-tighten the jig?
A) Yes most certainly, this is outlined in the set-up guide, as some movement may occur during shipping/ use.


Q) Can I mount rubber feet?
A) Yes. Just make sure any screws do not come back up through the board or you will damage your materials as they catch on the sharp edges.

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