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How to clean and store a PRINT GOCCO Print Master

Equipment required - PRINT GOCCO Cleaner [S-182] , Toilet Paper/ Tissue Paper plus Old Phone Book.

The only cleaner you can use is the PRINT GOCCO Cleaner [S-182], as this has been specifically designed for the PRINT GOCCO system, to clean and protect the screen.

Other solvents, e.g. Mineral Turpentine & Methylated Spirits, will DESTROY and break down your screen - These are not to be used, no matter how tempting!!

Cleaning the Print Master means removing all the ink from the design area. There will be a dye colour left on the screen by the colours used, this can not be removed and will not affect the screen. Care must be taken when cleaning, not to rub the screen hard, as this will distort the image and break the film on the bottom of the mesh. Let the cleaner work, not your arm!

How to clean your Print Master

  1. Once you have finished printing, place two cards onto your pad and perform a normal print. When you lift the Lid there will be 1 piece of card attached to your Pad Table, the other to your Print Master - leave this attached

  2. Remove the Print Master from the machine, place on a scrap piece of paper and lift the plastic flap.

  3. With a piece of card, or a small plastic squeegee, scrape off all the excess ink - this can be stored in an airtight container for later use. NB: To keep the ink marbled, do not mix or swirl the ink when removing as this will cause it to blend into a grey colour.

  4. With some soft tissue/ toilet paper remove all the excess ink now left on the screen and plastic flap. There is no need to rub the screen hard, as gently patting the surface will absorb the ink.

  5. Remove the card from the back of the Print Master and place on a new piece of paper or on an old phone book.

  6. Place a small amount of OK Cleaner onto a piece of tissue paper and gently rub the OK Cleaner into the design area.

  7. Lift the screen onto a new piece of paper and pat with a new piece of tissue. This will remove excess ink and cleaner, you will notice your screen is almost clean already

  8. Repeat steps 6 & 7. Your Print Master will now be clean on the top surface and almost all the ink removed

  9. Using a very small amount of OK Cleaner and a new piece of tissue paper, VERY GENTLY rub the bottom of the Print Master. This will remove the last of the ink from the design area and will place a coating of cleaner on your Print Master ready for storage.

  10. Hold your Print Master up to the light and ensure all the ink has been removed, if so then place the Print Master into a bag or container that will keep out dust etc.

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