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How to  . . ABC PRINT GOCCO Manual by June Fox

The ABC PRINT GOCCO Manual covers many of the areas in which you will find yourself currently using PRINT GOCCO and many which you may not have know existed. This manual is ideal for all skill levels from Beginners to Advanced users of PRINT GOCCO, with a great diversity of uses and topics, PLUS a fantastic array of helpful hints that will save you both time & money . The ABC PRINT GOCCO Manual is written in an easy to follow manner in which you can expand your current techniques through topics such as -

Then with the basics covered you can expand into new techniques.

But as you learn more you will soon expand into further area's such as -

Along with the uses already mentioned, you can't go past the section on SCREEN PRINTING for hints & important technique information. Topics include -

And to prove that the PRINT GOCCO is more than a simple printer, June expands into the exciting topics of -

As you can see this is more than a beginners Manual and more than a list of applications. The Absolute Beginners Collection will help and enhance your use and understanding of the PRINT GOCCO system. So don't wait, use this manual to let your imagination & creation free.

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