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Ceramic Printing with NEHOC systems

Ink types
Colour Range
Firing temps

Ink Types

There are numerous ink types that can be applied to ceramics, the following is a brief description of the 5 most common types and their applications.

Kera Underglaze Printing Ink
The Kera Underglaze Printing Ink is specially formulated to be either screen printed directly onto a flat ceramic surface i.e. tiles, plus Transfer Printed onto curved surfaces - both greenware & bisqueware.


Click for larger pictureWhat's the benefit of the Kera Underglaze Printing Ink?
Simple, no other Ceramic ink has been developed to provide the versatility required for screen printing and transferring of designs from a secondary surface [transfer paper]. The ink can also be screen printed directly onto flat surfaces. Normal underglaze inks are developed for brushing and will dry in the screen & on the transfer paper.
Kera Onglaze Printing Ink
Once an item has been glazed and fired, only an onglaze ink may be applied to further decorate the item. Kera Onglaze Printing Ink may be directly screen printed onto a glazed flat surface i.e. glazed tiles. Details - click here . .
FastBright Low Firing Onglaze & Glass Ink
A newly developed ink for low firing applications onto onglaze materials and glass. Details - click here . .

Colour Range

  KERA Underglaze KERA Onglaze
Code: UGPR1
Code: OGPR1
Code: UGPR5
Code: OGPR5
Canary Yellow
Code: UGPR9
Canary Yellow
Code: OGPR9
Code: UGPR16
Code: OGPR16
Blue Lagoon
Code: UGPR33
Blue Lagoon
Code: OGPR33
Verdant Green
Code: UGPR54
Verdant Green
Code: OGPR54
Emerald Green
Code: UGPR100
Emerald Green
Code: OGPR100
Bright Red
Code: UGPR132
Bright Red
Code: OGPR132
Not Available

Ceramic types & firing temperatures

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