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Underglaze 'Transfer Printing' Inks
[Written for NEHOC Australia by Ceramic Glazes of Australia]

'Bev Butler' Transfer Printing Inks are ready to use for printing on both green and bisque ware.

How to use
Specifications/ firing temp.

About Underglaze Inks

Using the NEHOC system and KERA Underglaze Inks enable both simple and intricate designs are easily applied to a ceramic article.

Blank tiles may be printed to produce a unique set for your bathroom or kitchen. Using Transfer Paper and the Transfer Printing method, curved surface such as mugs, platters, bowls and vases may be decorated.

Transfer Inks are fired at high temperature and may be included in the "gloss firing" of other pieces. This eliminates the need for a separate low temperature third firing, traditionally used to fire low temperature decals. This allows a great saving in time and energy costs!

Click to enlargeAvailable in a wide range of colours, all colours are intermixable.

Colour Range

  KERA Underglaze
Code: UGPR1
Code: UGPR5
Canary Yellow
Code: UGPR9
Code: UGPR16
Blue Lagoon
Code: UGPR33
Verdant Green
Code: UGPR54
Emerald Green
Code: UGPR100
Bright Red
Code: UGPR132

Instructions for use

Shake bottle to thoroughly mix the ink.

Close the lid of the Ink bottle immediately after applying to the screen to prevent contents drying out

Applying your design by Transfer Printing or Direct Screen Printing

NB: When using Transfer Paper, allow no more than thirty minutes between printing and transfer to the curved surface. Longer periods will result in an incomplete transfer of your design to the piece.

Soak screen and other tools in a bucket or sink of cold water for ten minutes. Wash off under cold running water. Do not use detergents or solvents of any kind [spirits, mineral turpentine, etc.] as this will damage the screen and squeegee.



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