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Imaging B6 Print Masters with MG-11

Firstly, you must have your artwork prepared ready for imaging - see Artwork Types & Preparation if unsure - this being a carbon original free of moisture.

B6 Print Masters are imaged in 3 separate flashes. Alignment is through use of the red alignment dots on the left of the Print Master  - these being aligned against the arrows on the MG-11 Machine.

  1. Align the top red dot against the top arrow - if your design is within the Stage Glass area otherwise use the middle set of arrows.

  2. Flash the design and move through the machine aligning the dots and the arrows according to your design size.

  3. Continue until all the area is finished.

It's that simple and easy to make a Print Master - Just ensure that your artwork is prepared and free of moisture for the best result every time.

Video demonstrations of this process on the new NEHOC Training CD.

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