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Printing Wedding Stationery
On this page:
  About wedding stationery & PRINT GOCCO
  Where to start
  Basic elements to get going
  My Golden Rules

Background info

How do you get YOUR design and YOUR ideas made into the Wedding Stationery you have imagined - ontime and within budget??

You just can not get GOLD printed by a professional printer in runs less than 250*! Even worse when you begin to tell them what design and templates you want, what paper and when you want it by.

The ultimate problem comes when you say 'I only need 70 invitations and I want them to be different'.

With so many different items printed, you can read on or use the menu's on the left to skip straight to an item - however if you are about to print your stationery please bear with me as I will cover all aspects and hopefully get you on the right track to start with.

Why use PRINT GOCCO? Simple, no other printing system world wide enables me to print 70 sets of Invitations, Place Cards & Thank You cards in GOLD, with MY design and text - all at a low cost. Even if you buy a PRINT GOCCO kit just to print your Wedding Stationery and never use it again you have still saved money!!

* I got pulled up on this point and should clarify that they won't want to print 70 Invitations - but if they are already using the PRINT GOCCO system then YES they will print them for you.

Artwork & Template

The artwork used to create the Invitation, Place Cards and Thanks You card is available for your use. In addition a PageMaker file (Wedding.p65) with the positioning templates is also available - see the down load option in the menu bar.

Where to Start?

If you already have an idea of the design/ layout then you're half way there as you can picture how the colours will look. You also now what ribbon/ accessories you will need to buy.

If you don't have any ideas on design then get a Wedding Book, get creative, copy some designs or pray!! Selecting the design layout is the hardest, and most contentious, issue of your stationery.

You MUST have an idea of colours for the wedding (even though you can't see the b#Z*dy dress beforehand) - ask, or bribe, the bridesmaid for ideas and basic colours they will be wearing, so you can sort out the coloured paper you need.

Visit a paper merchant - they have a massive selection and it's cheaper to buy 500 sheets there than 200 at a small craft/ wedding supplier store.

Paper ColoursI selected a Blue (Natura Iris) for the cover and a Cream (Natura Balsa) for the insert as the pic left shows. The blue was a thick board (300g) with the cream just a little heavier than normal paper (104g).

At this stage you should have your Invitation pretty much worked out - well what you would like it to look like anyway!

What I had in mind at this stage - I imagined a DL size (small - easy to handle & print) which opened out with two door style folds, to reveal the invitation in the middle. The invitation would have a printed design throughout the theme (two hearts) - better than a pre-printed paper. It would need to be held together with ribbon and also glue/ double sided tape or similar to hold the inner invite.

Basic elements to get going

Once you have your basic design then you need to begin a single prototype to show your partner - nothing will proceed (no mater how good it is) without their consent at ALL times.

Remember to include you're partner in the design and construction process (even if their comments are in vain!) - that's what marriage is about!

Before you can proceed you will also need to have finalised your text for the Invitation as this may limit/ restrict your insert or actual design, plus the placement of any graphics.

There are many little things that you can change along the way, but once you make the commitment to a design/ layout and colours - don't change or you will run out of time! The possibilities are endless and the more times you change it the harder it is to make a decision. I recommend you go with your initial gut instinct.

Have an idea of the TOTAL number of Invitations/ place cards/ thank you's required. This will help when purchasing your paper - best to do it all at once!

Simon's Golden Rules to Follow

  Remember to include your partner as this is a task to be done by both parties!

  Make a prototype (including text) of your Invitation BEFORE buying all the materials

  Use a common design or graphic in all pieces as this saves on the number of Print Masters needed

  Match the Invite up with the envelope or use post-it-notes to keep track of who the Invite is for after sealing

  Did I mention to include your partner in the design & construction!

The next step is to start making your Invitation . . .

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