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Creating and Print a Patchwork Bag

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The following project combines PRINT GOCCO with the versatile and simple to use Stamp Kit for Cloth.
Hereís a simple to follow guide that will transform any crafty person into a craft maker - You can easily substitute the colours and designs to suit your personalised needs.



You can use either stamp printing or screen printing techniques to place your designs onto the fabric.


37 x Red Cotton material 80cm x 30cm
- Red spotted cotton material 80cm x 35cm
- White cotton material 50cm x 40cm
For the inner -
- Red Cotton material 64cm x 33cm
- Quilt batting 90cm x 65cm



Step1Step 1
Make the paper outline using stiff paper and place it over the material.
Mark with a lead pencil, cut out leaving a hem, and prepare the required number of pieces as the picture left illustrates.
Print your designís onto the white cotton before you begin to create the bag.
Details of how to create a Print Master and print using the Hand Stamper are available in the PG-5 manual, or you can view the video demonstrations on the PRINT GOCCO Training CD-ROM.
Ask your supplier for further information or you visit the Training section for details.



Step 2
Sew squares into strips, as shown left, with 1 Red, 1 White Print #1, 1 Red Spot, 1 White Print #2.
You can also vary the pattern buy changing the order e.g.: 1 Red, 1 White Print #1, 1 Red Spot, 1 White Print #2, 1 Red, 1 Red Spot, etc.
Step 3
Sew the single strips together to create double width strips as shown left.
Lightly iron the strips once finished to flatten and prepare for next stage.


Step 4
As shown in the diagram left, place the finished patchwork over the quilt batting, and tack it from the centre outwards, quilting the areas other than the base.


Step 5
Sew both edges of the inner bag, and sew triangular guessets into the base.


Step 6
Fold the outer diagonally and place it over the inner bag.
Sew the edges together using tiny ladder stitches.
Hand quilt around the printed areas using small even stitches.


Step 7
Roll the material for the handles into tubes.
Sew together and then triple braid them, making two handles 40-42cm in length.


Step 8
Patch together the base section of the patchwork, and finish off the quilting.
Insert the carry handles into the openings and finish off the inner bag.


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