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A comprehensive support system for RISO & PRINT GOCCO products with training notes, projects and a world first - Video demonstrations of the PRINT GOCCO systems!

The greatest revolution in information & support in the history of PRINT GOCCO. All the information you need, plus much more, at your fingertips 24hrs a day to ensure you get the most out of your system.

This CD is designed for all systems, with helpful and informative information in simple to understand English - plus world first video demonstrations you can watch time & time again. Here's a sample of what you'll get:

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Operation Manuals

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Screen Printing, Ceramics, PRINT GOCCO & Tattoo are covered


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Product Code: CD1

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What is the difference between plastic and metal

What type do I use for off contact printing

What squeegee fits each frame


What's the difference between using plastic or metal?

Plastic frames are only 1mm thick and flexible, which makes them lightweight, portable, cheap and very durable), however as the frames bend high screen tension is not available sing plastic and the frames will bend if elevated to print off contact.


What type do I use for off contact printing?

Metal as they are strong and unlike the plastic type will not flex when elevated.


What squeegee fits each frame?

Frames can be printed in two directions with two different width squeegee's i.e. a small plastic frame will print a 110mm squeegee vertically and a 170mm horizontally. To use the 170mm squeegee simply rotate the screen 90 degrees and pull towards you.

S-9100 = 110mm and 170mm Squeegee

S-9101 = 110mm, 170mm and 240mm Squeegee

S-9102 = 110mm, 170mm and 240mm Squeegee

S-9103 = 110mm, 170mm and 240mm Squeegee

S-9104 = All Squeegee sizes





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