Glow/ Phospherent Fabric Ink SampleGlow/ Phosphorent Fabric Ink

Product Code: FI-GL-500 and FI-GLOW

Light charged pigments provide a phosphorent green glow when the ink is placed in the dark.

Trade quality pigments give years of use and thousands of charges to keep designs glowing for years.

Ink is a standard type and can be printed onto dark colours, drying a light cream/ off white colour. Ink can also be overprinted onto other colours to hide or mask the design.

Colours, Sizes and Product Codes

Available Sizes and Product Codes
Suitable for use with Ink Additives
1 Litre
4 Litre
20 Litre
FI-GLOW Aquatex Glow
not available

Colour pictured above is as accurate to printed colour as possible, however glow effect can not be reproduced. Some minor colour variations may occur when printed. Test ink colour prior to printing if required.


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Key Features


Trade quality pigments

Professional finish once heat set - fully dry cleanable

Print onto 100% cotton through to 100% Polyester without fixers or synthetic additives

Suitable for use with Fabric Ink Retarder

Suitable for use with Fabric Stretch Additive

Suitable for use with Fabric Ink Thickener

Can be overprinted on top of other ink colours (i.e. opaque white for printing on dark colours)

Left over ink is reusable

Smooth soft finish

Environmentally friendly ink formulation - see MSDS

Easy use for beginners and professionals




Download IS25

Stir well before each use.


Heat Setting

Fabric inks require heat setting to activate the pigments and set the ink to the material. The temperature required must be hot enough to firstly evaporate the water based medium, then set the pigments (minimum 150°C depending on the material to be heat set), a household iron, Ink Setting Heat Press or commercial tunnel dryer are recommended.

View equipment, how long and technique for setting Fabric Ink's - click here . .



See individual ink label for details. Clean with water only.


Resealable bottle.



500ml Size

Item Weight: 570g

Length: 85mm

Width: 85mm

Height: 112mm

Cbm: 202g


1 Litre Size

Item Weight: 1.15Kg

Length: 135mm

Width: 135mm

Height: 120mm

Cbm: 547g


4 Litre Size

Item Weight: 4.52Kg

Length: 205mm

Width: 205mm

Height: 190mm

Cbm: 2.434Kg


20 Litre Size

Item Weight: 20.91Kg

Length: 325mm

Width: 305mm

Height: 415mm

Cbm: 10.284Kg


Price and Availability

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S-029 Colour Mixing WheelColour Mixing Wheel
S-025-500 500ml Ink Mixing Bottle500ml Ink Mixing Bottle
S-025-1L 1 Litre Ink Mixing Bottle1 Litre Ink Mixing Bottle
S-026 Ink Palette KnifeInk Palette Knife


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