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SPJ-EX1Expanda Single Colour Jig

Product Code: SPJ-EX1

T-shirt printing has never been so easy, the Single Arm Jig is a perfect entry level system, providing a large range of functions for printing t-shirts, fabric, paper, plastics, metals and much more.

Designed by experienced screen printers, you will instantly begin to receive professional quality results, whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned professional.

Add Extra Arms/ Colours

Supplied in single colour format, the Expanda Jig allows you to add additional print arms/ heads at any time in the future as your printing requirements expand. This keeps start up costs low and allows you to keep your options open in the future.


Metal Constructions

A light weight metal construction finished in powder coated metal provides a truely professional finish to this jig. Durable and bult for decades of use.


Removable Printing Board for Customs Sizes

Chaning the printing board to a larger or custom size is fast and simple using the base screws and tightening knob.


Metal Constructions

A light weight metal construction finished in powder coated metal provides a truely pr


Height Adjustment - multiple options

Adjust the height of the print head using the two height adjusters built into the print heat, or using the height adjustment bolt (fully removable) built into the base of the jig.


Micro Print Head

Easy to adjust pring head registration during both set-up and also during printing, all performed easily from the top of the arm without having to remove the printing frame from the print head.

Additional pictures

Removable boards Micro print head registration Removable print heads
Arm height adjustment Accessory: Print board attachment Accessory: Sleeve/ Babies Board


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Key Features

Accurate registration

Automatic holder keeps frame raised between prints

Easy adjustable arms for maximum range on t-shirts

Slim t-shirt guide for all sizes + print ‘off contact’

V-neck guide for fast & accurate alignment

Clamps also suitable for 'off contact' printing - plastics & metals

Strong construction with professional finish

Portable and easy to store

Handles all frame types and sizes

Removable print board for easy custom sizes

Micro registration of print head



IS44 - Expanda Jig Assembly Instructions

IS30 - Single colour registration instructions



Clean with damp cloth only. Do not soak wood in water or hose.


Supplied in pack format with some assembly required:

1 x Base with hub attachment bolts

1 x T-shirt board with mounting plate

1 x Hub with single print arm attached

1 x Print head

Assembly tools

Assembly instructions

IS30 Single colour registration instructions


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Clamp Size: Up to 55mm

Board Size: 295mm x 400mm

Pack Weight: 14.2Kg

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