FI-R200 Fabric ink Retarder 200mlRetarder

Product Code: FI-R200 and FI-R500

Retarder extends the base of fabric inks by making them 'wetter'/ thinner and more viscous/ workable.

Commonly added to Opaque inks due to their thicker consistency, Retarder stops ink from drying and when added can make ink workable for longer periods of time.

Adding Retarder to inks also increases the drying time of the ink on the t-shirt or garment.

Available Sizes

HTAH165  165ml Table Adhesive 200ml
Convenient pack
  FI-R500  500ml Retarder 500ml
Bulk pack for trade use and wholesalers


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Key Features


Stops ink from drying in screens

Thins ink without diluting pigments

Keeps ink workable for longer periods





Add 1 to 5 drops and stir well. Do not add more than 10% ration to ink volume.

Add only until ink is fluid and workable. If too much Table Adhesive is applied, remove excess if not mixed or thicken ink using Thickener before use.



Clean with damp cloth only.



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FI-R500 Fabric ink Retarder 500mlFI-R200 Fabric ink Retarder 200mlSpecifications


200ml size

Item Weight: 220g

Length: 56mm

Width: 56mm

Height: 84mm

Cbm: 66g


500ml size

Item Weight: 550g

Length: 65mm

Width: 65mm

Height: 215mm

Cbm: 227g



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