Jig HingesJig Hinges

Product Code: S-360H

Entry level option to create a simple screen printing jig for registration of prints and to speed the printing process.

Ideal for 'off contact printing' of paper, plastics, metals and other flat sheet items.

Attached using screws or bolts make these hinges portable and easy to use for small runs or specialised printing applications.


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Key Features


Accurate registration

Low cost

Portable and easy to store

Clamps also suitable for 'off contact' printing - plastics & metals

Handles all frame types and sizes



Attach to any suitable surface using either bolts or screws (not supplied) and secure tightly before use.


Water based clean up only recommended as required. Clean and lubricate hinge area every 12 months



Set of 2 hinges per pack.

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Maximum Clamp Width: 65mm

Item Weight [Kg]: 0.49

Length [M]: 0.135

Width [M]: 0.07

Height [M]: 0.055


Price and Availability

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