SPJ-M44 Arm Metal Jig

Product Code: SPJ-M4

Our low cost entry model for multiple colour using a metal jig.

A removable printing board (t-shirt board comes fitted), this jig is best suited to applications that benefit from a board for printing custom, odd shape or small items i.e. babies clothes, pet blankets, raised objects, sleeves, oversize bags, long garments, dress material, etc.

This model uses pin registration of the arms when lowered to provide accurate registration of prints.


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Key Features


Accurate registration

Adjustable spring holders keep frame raised between prints

Adjustable arms

Removable t-shirt board enables fitting of custom boards

Round neck for fast & accurate alignment of t-shirts

Clamps also suitable for 'off contact' printing - plastics & metals

Strong metal construction

Handles all frame types and sizes




IS44 - Metal Jig Assembly Instructions

IS30 Single colour registration instructions

IS31 Single colour registration instructions



Clean with damp cloth only. Do not soak wood in water or hose.


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SPJ-M4 ContentsContents

Supplied in pack format with minor assembly required:

1 x Base with t-shirt board pre-assembled

4 x Arms

4 x Arm attachment knobs

8 x Arm clamp knobs

8 x Arm springs

Assembly instructions

IS30 Single colour registration instructions

IS31 Single colour registration instructions


SPJ-M4 flat packView large image . .




Construction: Metal base/ wooden board

Operating Size (WLH): 420mm x 870mm x 280mm

Board Type: Removable t-shirt

Board Size: 295mm x 400mm

Clamp Size: 55mm/ adjustable spring

Item Weight: 6.74Kg

Pack Weight: Cbm 25.578Kg


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