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Print Lamps / BulbsPrint Lamps

Product Code: S-105, S-105-CT & S-106

A key ingredient required to create a screen printing screens or PRINT GOCCO Print Master.

The tungsten filled lamp 'fires' to create the heat that transfers your design onto the screen. Each lamp can be used only once.

Rub the base of Print Lamps on a piece of card/ paper before use to create a clean contact point before use.

Available Products


Code: S-105

Print Lamps - Pack 10


Code: S-106

Print Lamps - Pack 4


Code: S-105-CT

Carton of 40 Print Lamps - 400 Lamps



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Key Features


Genuine RISO stock (some of the last ever manufactured)

OEM RISO packaging (no fakes or imitations)



Rub base of lamp on card/ paper to create clean contact point before every use.

If only one lamp fires, replace batteries in machine and clean contact point on base of Lamp as detailed above.

CAUTION: After use Print Lamp will be hot. See Operation Manual for usage guide. Do not manually handle for 1 minute after use without protective gloves.




Clean base of Print Lamps before each use. Outer coating of Lamp required no cleaning or preparation is used directly from packet.

Ensure Print Lamps are dry and stored in a dry, non humid environment.



Each - supplied assembled.

S-105 - View large image . .

S-105-CT - View large image . .

S-106 - View large image . .





Print Lamps - Pack 10

Product Code: S-105

Item Weight [Kg]: 0.125

Length [M]: 0.102

Width [M]: 0.181

Height [M]: 0.030

Cbm [Kg]: 0.138



Print Lamps - Carton 40 [400 lamps]

Product Code: S-105-CT

Item Weight [Kg]: 5.690

Length [M]: 0.380

Width [M]: 0.325

Height [M]: 0.210

Cbm [Kg]: 6.484



Print Lamps - Pack 4

Product Code: S-106

Item Weight [Kg]: 0.060

Length [M]: 0.133

Width [M]: 0.064

Height [M]: 0.033

Cbm [Kg]: 0.064



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