SPJ-M4B4 Arm Metal Jig with Bearing Hub & Registration

Product Code: SPJ-M4B

Solid construction with a bearing hub for ultra smooth rotation of the arm, plus bearing guides to speed the alignment action as the arms are engaged for printing.

A removable printing board (t-shirt board comes fitted), this jig is best suited to applications that benefit from a board for printing custom, odd shape or small items i.e. babies clothes, pet blankets, raised objects, sleeves, oversize bags, long garments, dress material, etc.


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Key Features


Accurate registration

Adjustable spring holders keep frame raised between prints

Adjustable arms

Removable t-shirt board enables fitting of custom boards

Round neck for fast & accurate alignment of t-shirts

Clamps also suitable for 'off contact' printing - plastics & metals

Strong metal construction

Handles all frame types and sizes




IS44 - Metal Jig Assembly Instructions

IS30 Single colour registration instructions

IS31 Single colour registration instructions



Clean with damp cloth only. Do not soak wood in water or hose


SPJ-M4B ContentsContents

Supplied in pack format with minor assembly required:

1 x Base with t-shirt board pre-assembled

2 x Alignment bearings

2 x Alignment bearing attachment knobs

2 x Alignment bearing attachment washers

4 x Arms

4 x Arm attachment knobs

8 x Arm clamp knobs

8 x Arm springs

Assembly instructions

IS30 Single colour registration instructions

IS31 Single colour registration instructions


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Construction: Metal base/ wooden board

Operating Size (WLH): 425mm x 890mm x 260mm

Board Type: Removable t-shirt

Board Size: 295mm x 400mm

Clamp Size: 55mm/ adjustable spring

Item Weight: 6.91Kg

Pack Weight: Cbm 27.073Kg


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