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A5 Basic Starter PackageFrame Mounts - Plain No Tape

Product Code: S-9100NP and S-9101NP

Apply your own double sided tape to the frame and save.

Plastic frames are cheaper and durable - ideal for short run and school uses.


Code: S-9100NP

Small Plastic Frame - no tape

Internal size 120x180mm - maximum printable area 110x160mm


Code: S-9101NP

Large Plastic Frame - no tape

Internal size 180x250mm - maximum printable area 170x230mm



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Key Features


Plastic Frames

One piece molding process

ABS Polyurethane plastic

Lightweight & flexible to resist cracking







Clean screenMaster Mesh as per normal clean-up procedure.

To clean frame cover tape to prevent loss of adhesion, or re tape once cleaned, wash under cold water to remove excess ink. Solvent cleaners may be used, but not recommended.




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Small Plastic Frame - No Tape

Product Code: S-9100NP

Item Weight [Kg]: 0.040

Length [M]: 0.25

Width [M]: 0.18

Height [M]: 0.001



Large Plastic Frame - No Tape

Product Code: S-9100NP

Item Weight [Kg]: 0.050

Length [M]: 0.25

Width [M]: 0.31

Height [M]: 0.001



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S-9112Double Sided Tape


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