Fabric Ink Additives


FI-R200 Fabric Ink Retarder 200ml

Retarder - 200ml
Mix with all types of ink to increase the 'wetness' of the ink and stops the ink from drying in the screen

  FI-R500 Fabric Ink Retarder 500ml Retarder - 500ml
Trade pack size of Retarder


Stretch Additive

FI-FSA Fabric Ink Stretch Additive 160ml Fabric Stretch Additive - 160ml
Increase elasticity of inks by up to 20%. Suitable for use on lycra and stretch materials
  FI-FSA-5L Fabric Ink Stretch Additive 5 Litre Fabric Stretch Additive - 5 Litre
Bulk pack



FI-T40  Fabric Ink Thickener 40ml Thickener - 40ml
Thickens inks. Suitable for use when too much Retarder has been added or where thicker consistency is desired.
  FI-T500 500ml Fabric Ink Thickener Thickener - 500ml
Trade pack quantity of Thickener


Poly Prop Additive

This additive is for use with opaque inks only and both increases the adhesion of the ink onto synthetic surfaces and makes the mixture air cure - no heat setting is required. Designed for printing polypropylene bags, polar fleece and items not suitable for heat setting.

FI-PPA Poly Prop Air Cure Additive 182ml Poly Prop Additive - 182ml
Mix 182ml into 1 Litre of Opaque ink
  FI-PPA-5L Poly Prop Air Cure Additive 5 Litre Poly Prop Additive - 5 Litre
Trade pack quantity of Poly Prop Additive


Metallic Powders

Turns any ink metallic, the choice is unlimited, metallic red, metallic blue, metallic fluro green . . .

FI-MPC Metallic Powder - Copper Copper
Mix with any coloured ink to give a metallic copper tint
  FI-MPW Metallic Powder - White Metallic White
Mix with any coloured ink to give a metallic tint
FI-MPG Metallic Powder - Gold Gold
Mix with any coloured ink to give a metallic gold tint




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