S-178 PRINT GOCCO B5 MachineSpare Parts for PRINT GOCCO B5

S-178 PRINT GOCCO B5 Card/ Paper System

In general repairs to PRINT GOCCO B5 model does not require a service technician.


Sold in two versions:

Yellow - Series 1

Grey - Series 2

Parts Available

Product Code: S-096
B5 Lamp Housing


Product Code: S-179
B5 Pad Table

Product Code: S-177
B5 Paper Guides


Machine Servicing

Machine ServicingWhen you service your machine with NEHOC you receive a full warranty on all parts installed and a set labour cost for any service/ repair.

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Products: S-096 B5 Lamp Housing, S-177 B5 Paper Guides and S-179 B5 Pad Table

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Last modified: 30 October, 2009