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A4 Thermal-CopierSpare Parts for A3 Thermal-Copier

TCA3-SP Screen Printing and TCA3-TM Tattoo Models

It is recommended repairs to A3 Thermal-Copier be made by a qualified NEHOC service technician only.


A3 Thermal Copier models with serial numbers:

3-0000 to 3-9999 (Series 3)

4-0000 to 4-9999 (Series 4)

5-0000 to 5-9999 (Series 5)

A3AU-0000 to A3AU-9999

Parts Available


Product Code: R-TCA4
A4 Hi-Resolution Budget Carrier


Product Code: R-A3-GLASS
A3 Glass Roller


Product Code: CS04
A4 Teflon Carrier


Product Code: R-A3-ROLLER
A3 Rubber Roller


Product Code: R-TCA3
A3 Hi-Resolution Budget Carrier


Product Code: R-A3-5REF
A3 Reflector - Series 5 & A4AU models (series 3 & 4 also available)


Product Code: CS03
A3 Teflon Carrier


Product Code: R-TC-MOT
A3 Motor


Product Code: R-A3-L1700R
A3 Heat Lamp - Series 5 and A4AU models (240V/ 1700W Reinforced)


Product Code: R-TC-FAN
A3 Cooling Fan


Product Code: R-A3-L1800
A3 Heat Lamp - Series 3 and 4 models (240V/ 1800W)


Product Code: R-TC-CORD
A3 Australian Power Cord

Parts not listed

Additional parts for this model are available and not listed above, simply contact us and let us know:

Model and Serial Number of your machine

Date of purchase (for warranty or extended warranty cover)

Detailed description of damaged part - where it's located, size, # of screws, cracked/ split/ squashed and a picture of the photo if available


We can assess the problem and let you know if you can replace the par yourself or if it requires servicing.
E-mail NEHOC now for a spare part not listed.

Machine Servicing

Machine ServicingWhen you service your machine with NEHOC you receive a full warranty on all parts installed and a set labour cost for any service/ repair.

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