Tattoo versions of Thermal-Copiers

This notice applies to tattoo versions in Australia only, screen printing versions remain available - details click here . .

A manufactures notice applies as the item/s are no longer in active supply through NEHOC Australia. KW Metalltechnik the manufacturing company and Panenka Design Produkte München has instructed supply of Tattoo models, both wholesale and retail, to cease effective immediately.


NEHOC Australia continue to support all active warranties up to the expiry of the original 12 month period.

- All machines serviced outside warranty will be charged standard service rates.
- Any machines supplied by NEHOC Australia where warranty has expired and requires service/ repair under a 'manufacturing or construction fault' must be returned to the manufacturer in China. Validated warranties will continue to be serviced by NEHOC Australia.

NEHOC will continue to support all customers using this product, if you feel there is a problem with the product please do not hesitate to contact us for support by phone (02) 9979 9700 or e-mail.

Parts and Service

Spare parts for this model remain stocked in NEHOC's warehouse.

Service of the machine is available.





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Last modified: 4 September, 2012