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S-868  NEHOC Screen Printing KitNEHOC Screen Printing Kit

Product Code: S-868

A complete kit/ basic package containing all the equipment needed to start screen printing onto t-shirts, fabrics, bags and materials.

At the core is the PG-5 imaging system using Print Lamp imaging technology to create screen printing screens in seconds. Mesh, Frames, Squeegee, Ink and all the instructions are included to have even a complete novice up and printing quickly.

Printing Specifications

Print lamp Imaging Technology Create A4 and larger with extra equipment Create A3 and larger with extra equipment Create A2 and larger with extra equipment Maximum A2 print size Screens initially available for SP-S1 package Supplied with equipment for single colour printing Supplied with equipment for printing standard inks only Prints cotton t-shirts, fabrics and materials Prints Polyester t-shirts, fabrics and materials Prints wood, paper and non-coated paper types Print neoprene materials when addtional equipment is added Print ceramics when addtional equipment is added Print glass when addtional equipment is added Print plastics and metals when addtional equipment is added Print paper/ card when addtional PRINT GOCCO supplies are added

Full package contents listed under specifications.

Complete Printing Systems

The NEHOC Screen Printing Kit is the base 'retail pack', designed for a complete novice or beginner starting a screen printing operation where the size or number of designs is unknown - as initial start up costs are at its lowest.

This kit is used as the foundation of the Starter and Home Business Packages which further expand the system by providing larger printing sizes (A4 and A3), plus multi-colour and 'off contact' printing (printing white and light colours onto black and dark fabrics).

We recommend purchasing this Kit in Start-Up Package format, as these Packages contain additional equipment and supplies that will make the overall printing experience easier and faster i.e. Table Adhesive, Screen Correction Manual, etc.

Of importance, all packages are supplied with NEHOC Printing Lessons to get everyone printing like a professional quickly - FREE.

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Key Features


Complete kit ready to start printing single colours instantly

Chemical free imaging

Print Lamp imaging system offers maximum expansion for future applications

'Off contact' capable with added equipment

Expand into additional applications - ceramics, plastics, metals and PRINT GOCCO when suitable equipment is added

Free 11 month extended warranty offer





S-868 Operation Manual

IS01 - Artwork Types and Preparation

IS05 - Imaging ScreenMaster using Print Lamps

IS06 - Framing ScreenMaster

IS12 - Colour Separations by hand

IS13 - Colour Separations using a Computer

IS25 - Screen Printing Technique

IS30 - Registering single colours using a jig

IS31 - Registering multiple colours using a jig

IS34 - Printing Opaque Fabric Inks

IS35 - NEHOC Screen Printing Kit Setup & Operation Guide




See individual products for details.




NEHOC Screen Printing Kit

1 x Imaging Machine

1 x RISO ScreenMaster 70Mesh 30cm (W) x 1M (L)

10 x Print Lamps

1 x 110mm Long life Professional Squeegee

2 x Small Plastic Frame

1 x Large Plastic Frame

4 x 150ml Standard Fabric Ink - Lemon Yellow, Mid Red, Mid Blue & Black

1 x Heavy Duty Palette Knife (S-026 Pack 3 pictured)

1 x Artwork Clean-Up Paper (Sample)

1 x Artwork Pen (0.3mm - supplied loose OEM pack pictured)

1 x Blue Filter for photocopy designs (Retail pack 2 pictured)


Sample Clip Art Designs, AA Batteries, Machine Set-Up and Operating Guide

11 Month Warranty Upgrade Offer



Package Weight: 2.950Kg

Width: 400mm

Length: 390mm

Height: 110mm

Cbm: 4.29Kg


Price and Availability

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