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A4 Thermal-Copier
A4 Thermal-Copier

Tattoo version discontinued - only screen printing version available

Information on this page has been removed as NEHOC Australia are no longer permitted by the German supplier to supply versions of this product for tattoo applications. Tattoo versions are available from


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NEHOC Australia no longer supply tattoo versions of this product

The A3 machine was originally packed in both screen printing and tattoo versions. The screen printing version remains available, NEHOC no longer package, support or supply tattoo versions of the product, screen printing only.

Screen Printing version details - click here . .

For supply, information or details on a tattoo version, please contact the German supplier by e-mail

Only screen printing versions remain available from NEHOC - details click here . .

NEHOC Austalia no longer supply or support tattoo versions of this product.

For all support please contact



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