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VistaFax V1UF modelVistaFax 2UF ModelSpare Parts for VistaFax Thermal Copier

Parts suitable for both V1UF and V2UF models

It is recommended repairs to VistaFax be made by a qualified NEHOC service technician only.


No longer under production by Manufactured of Denmark, both models are the original thermal copiers (also called thermal imager, thermo faxes and other common names), the VistaFax 2UF was the first model manufactured and replaced by the V1UF model in the early 1990's.

Serial numbers typically are:

101.000 to 101.999 (V2UF Model)

103.000 to 103.999 (V2UF Model)

105.000 to 105.999 (V1UF Model)

110.000 to 199.999 (V1UF Model)

Parts Available


Product Code: R-TCA4
A4 Hi-Resolution Budget Carrier for VistaFax


Product Code: Drive Cone
VistaFax Drive Cone


Product Code: CS04
A4 Teflon Carrier for VistaFax


Product Code: 1U5-60
VistaFax Reflector Unit


Product Code: MEP23
VistaFax Heat Lamp - both models


Product Code: Motor - Vista
VistaFax Motor


Product Code: MEP33
VistaFax Glass Roller - both models


Product Code: Fan Unit
VistaFax Fan Unit


Product Code: 1U5-50
A3 Rubber Roller


Product Code: 2U4-145
VistaFax Tripper Arm

Parts not listed

There are many more parts for both models not listed above, simply contact us and let us know:

Model and Serial Number of your machine

Date of purchase (for warranty or extended warranty cover)

Detailed description of damaged part - where it's located, size, # of screws, cracked/ split/ squashed and a picture of the photo if available


We can assess the problem and let you know if you can replace the par yourself or if it requires servicing.
E-mail NEHOC now for a spare part not listed.

Machine Servicing

Machine ServicingWhen you service your machine with NEHOC you receive a full warranty on all parts installed and a set labour cost for any service/ repair.

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Products: VistaFax 1UF and VistaFax 2UF Spare parets - MEP23 Heat Lamp, MEP33 Glass, Rubber Roller, Tripper Arm

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Last modified: 30 October, 2009