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TTP Tattoo Stencil paper

Spirit Stencil Paper - Genuine USA Brand

Product Code: TTP-Spirit and TTP-Spirit-CTN

Atsui is a Chinese manufactured product for small and short run applications. When used with Stencil Stuff, Tattoo Goo and other stencil preparation items the adhesion is greatly improved and it's recommneded a stencil preparation fluid be used at all time for best results.

Each Genuine Atsui sheet contains 4 layers:
1 - Cover sheet to which the design is applied
2 - Brown protective sheet - removed prior to use
3 - Carbon sheet
4 - Yellow backing paper

Spirit paper is suitable for use in all Thermal-Copier models - new and old!

Available Products

TTP Spirit Tattoo Stencil Paper - Genuine USA manufacture
Pack 100 A4 Sheets
  TTP Carton Pack - 10 packs
Trade quantity 1,000 sheets per carton


Recommended Accessories

CS04 A4 Teflon Carrier
Long lasting carrier
  R-TCA4 A4 Hi-Resolution Budget Carrier
Higher quality but shorter working life compared to CS04 Teflon Carrier
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Key Features


Genuine USA Stockes and manufacture (not Chinese copy)

Trade Quality with professional results you have come to expect

Triple Sheet with carbon and protective layer

100 pack saves you $$



An approved carrier must be used at all times with the machine to avoid jamming.

Remove the protective paper from 3 layered sheet and insert artwork, face up, behind the carbon sheet.

Turn the thermal copier on and feed the carrier into the machine at the required setting (see manual for machine setting details).

When the carrier begins to emerge from rear, hold/pull and support the carrier, then remove it from machine.

Open the carrier to remove your design and return carrier to the protective envelope immediately.



See carton for details.



Pack 100 Sheets

Carton 10 Packs


Tattoo Spirit Paper - USA manufactureSpecifications


TTP Pack 100 Sheets

Pack Weight (Kg): 0.82

Pack Size: 315mm x 220mm x 25mm

Cbm: 0.43 Kg


TTP-C Carton 10 Packs

Carton Weight (Kg): 8.6

Carton Size: 32.5cm x 23cm x 26cm

Cbm: 4.9 Kg



Price and Availability

Contact your local tattoo supplier or view details online now at

P-W810A4 Teflon Carrier
R-TCA4Hi-Resolution Budget Carrier


Ask a Question

Complete the Product Assistance Form for a quick reply to any question not answered in the FAQ's or training section - click here . . Select the product code listed at the top of this page.



Can the ScreenMaster mesh be re-used after a design has been imaged onto it?

How detailed can the artwork get?

Once a screen is created, how many prints will I get before the quality lessens?

Can I clean the screens and use them again as many times as I want?

Each time I use a mesh stencil  . . . . do I have to clean it with a solution?

How do you recommend we store our screens?


'Can the ScreenMaster mesh be re-used after a design has been imaged onto it? if so, how many times? how do you clean them and/or care for them to get longer use?'
The design can not be taken off the screen and the actual mesh re-used like traditional silk mesh, however the screen can be removed from the frame, stored and re-used later.
This gives you the added benefit over traditional silk in that your costs for creating the screen are not then wasted if you have to reuse the screen for a different design.

Screens are cleaned in cold tap water and then dry naturally. You can store them on the frame, off the frame rolled up or off the frame stored flat (in a manila folder is recommended).


How detailed can the artwork get? how does it handle lettering?

ScreenMaster will image 6pt type and 1pt lines, plus half tones. The actual print result is limited onto fabrics by the weave of the fabric, as you will lose part of the design in the weave.
We don't recommend going below 14pt type as it just is too small and no one can read it from any distance - not many people get that up close and personal with your t-shirt.

'Once a screen is created, how many prints will I get before the quality lessens?'

Each screen is designed to last about 1,000 prints, however this will vary upon the surface you are printing.
If you use a rough calico material then you will receive about 700-900 prints.
Print onto a soft cotton or flannel and well over 1,500 should be expected.
When the 'quality lessons' it normally means the film on the back of the screen begins to break.
You can also prolong this by using Screen Masking Tape applied to the back of the screen before printing starts.

Using Screen Masking Tape you can increase your prints on rough materials by 20%-50%.


'Can I clean the screens and use them again as many times as I want?'

Yes screens are easily cleaned and stored for later use. You can either leave the screen on the frame or take it off and reuse the frame, storing the screen in a folder [or in a tube]. This means if you only print 200, you can store it and print another 200 next week/ month/ year.

Screens will store indefinitely as long as they are stored correctly - away from heat.


Another enquiry is cleaning solutions. I've never screen printed before. So each time I use a mesh stencil and set it up for a new shirt, do I have to clean it with a solution? If so is the solution environmentally in if I'm in a hurry can I just toss it out my garage window into the garden without frying plants and flowers?

No, no, no - we don't touch ANY solvents or chemicals with this process, in either making the screen or cleaning.

The ScreenMaster mesh is supplied with the thermal film already coated on the back of the screen.
When we image the screen we burn away the film to expose the design.

When we have finished with the screen you can not get rid of the design, but you can of course clean it and store it for later use.
The advantage we have is you can take the screen on/off the frame so you can reuse the frame for another screen.
Inks are all water based so everything is just washed up in cold water in the sink - no hi-pressure hosing or washouts.

If you are in a hurry you clean the excess ink off the screen and throw the frame into a tub of water [where it can sit for ages] and this will stop the ink from drying in the holes and blocking the screen. If you are in a hurry and don't want the screen again then  of course just bin it.


How do you recommend we store our screens? So far we have kept them all on the frames.

Store on the frame is best for the long term.

If you have to reuse the frame, take the screen off and store it flat in a manila folder along with a copy of your artwork and a sample print [so you know what colour it was printed with]. Store this in a filing cabinet/ box that is away from heat and does not get direct sunlight. This way they are flat and away from heat, but most importantly easily stored/ filed so you can find it again.




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